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All marketing should be evaluated strategically by looking at the sales funnel, and your message should reflect who you are targeting in the cycle. Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC (MCA) will evaluate your business according to the modern marketing funnel, which has replaced the outdated traditional sales funnel. It’s time to face reality. Your audience is online, and the traditional sales funnel is irrelevant in the world of digital marketing. While MCA can work on one-off projects, they are most valuable by creating a partnership for helping you to embrace the many stages of today’s funnel, each of which is an opportunity for you to connect with a potential buyer. MCA will help you to provide a unified and integrated experience through on-point messaging that will meet the buyer where he or she is at in the funnel.

Before diving into creating the marketing deliverables, MCA will work with you to develop a targeting plan. One solution does not fit all, so MCA will first conduct an audit to see where you’re at with being able to fully target your audience. They will review your software, company processes and corporate messages to see where the gaps are at within your organization. Then, MCA will help you to define the best solution to meet your needs. 

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Brochures, white papers, case studies, biographies, flyers, sell sheets, direct mail and testimonials.


Press releases, byline articles, media and analyst training, pitching and internal communications.


Social media, email, automation, SEO, Google Adwords, blogging, content marketing, web copy and new websites.


Campaigns, persona development, inbound, go-to-market, business development and messaging.


Product advertisements, headshots, events and landscapes.


Brand, documentaries, product advertisements, 2D animation, broadcast and testimonials.


How-tos, certifications, programs, education and compliance courses.


Website, print, graphic, animation, illustration and motion graphic.

Ashley knows how to approach a project strategically. She will break it down and help you to define the goal by developing a plan to reach your targeted personas through the creation of content that can be repurposed through multiple channels. – Tammy Schick at Graphic Design Strategists, Inc.

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