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Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC (MCA) has developed copy for B2B and B2C markets, and all of them use the funnel. MCA will help you to talk to customers or prospects by where they are at in the buyer’s cycle. The cycle consists of stages, such as awareness, consideration and decision. Think of it as dating someone. Would you ask someone you just met to marry you without going to dinner? Absolutely not. The same is true for building a relationship with your audience. MCA will help you to get to know your audience through well-developed copy.

MCA offers a complete solution for getting your marketing material completed. If you need more than copy, they can certainly help you with design and even print. With an array of services, MCA will be able to help you get the project completed efficiently.

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From direct mail to brochures, MCA can create you copy that will get your audience’s attention by helping you to concept a beautifully designed piece. Since most people are online, print copy needs to catch the eye in a fun and creative way.


It’s essential that your sales team has the tools to be successful. MCA can develop sell sheets that align to the modern-day funnel, helping your company to close those deals.


MCA truly knows the worldwide web. By conducting keyword research, we will incorporate targeted copy by each stage of the buying cycle into your website. After all, every web page serves a different purpose.


MCA will truly showcase your subject matter expert’s personality and story by demonstrating their value and expertise in the marketplace.


Not every sales rep is a natural born seller. That’s why MCA develops pitches to start those conversations by being relational and insightful.


MCA can develop white papers, case studies and e-books to help you to build that email list. Inbound marketing is here to stay and gated content is needed to attract and nurture those leads down the funnel.

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