Marketing Strategy for Positioning Your Brand

Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC (MCA) will look at the section of your business you really want to focus on with your clients or employees. We will outline your overall method for finding new business, new hires, sponsors, etc. MCA will focus on what you want to achieve for your business through specific marketing efforts, and we will provide detail on how you’ll achieve the goals. Through in-depth analysis and an internal audit, we will help you to understand how your business fits into the market.

We have developed a variety of strategies for helping customers to communicate competitive advantages, acquire new business and target specific personas. A solid strategy knows what the market is saying and how to use your competitive advantages to be heard through all the noise. Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day. As more and more channels develop, that number is just going to increase. MCA will look at your business and where to dedicate your time, so you can really be strategic with how you target your audience in the marketplace.

Marketing Strategy Services:

  • Campaign Strategies
  • Persona Development
  • Inbound Strategies
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Acquisition/New Business Strategies
  • Mission and Corporate Strategies
  • Message Tree Development

“We have utilized, and continue to utilize, Marcom Content by Ashley’s services as an integral part of PIP’s inbound marketing initiative. Ashley’s skills and attention to detail are a perfect fit for our program. Her professionalism and skill set has allowed our program to flourish, bringing useful analytical performance data to the table to allow us to make better-informed investment decisions. I would highly recommend Ashley to any organization looking to grow inbound marketing activities.” –

Sean Walsh, marketing and product development manager, Protective Industrial Polymers

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A Five-Step Approach to Marketing Strategy

Before developing any tactic, you should understand where it fits within the strategy. MCA understands how to build a strategy from the ground up through a five step approach. We will help you to bring new products and services to market by targeting your audience through purposeful messaging. We will also help you to make decisions and allocate resources into key objectives while accomplishing your overall goal.

A five step approach is needed to make sure we are clarifying the vision for your business. It will help your teams to think strategically first. Then, they will apply that process to your business.

  • Step #1 – Define Selling Proposition
  • Step #2 – Review Target Market
  • Step #3 – Transform Competitive Advantages
  • Step #4 – Create Positioning Statement
  • Step #5 – Prioritize Marketing Channels

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