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Ashley Schweigert is a networker and marketing communications expert. Learn from her by requesting an interview, or read about the latest news. From case studies to marketing insights, Ashley enjoys talking about marketing and would be happy to talk about anything concerning Marcom Content by Ashley, LLC (MCA).



Ashley Schweigert speaks about the latest and greatest in her blog - "Oh My Word!" Her blog posts talk about search engine optimization, advertising, content and social media. Because of her experience with sales, marketing and communications, Ashley truly knows the funnel, and her blog posts explain why it can't be ignored.

E-Learning Center

e-learning center

Ashley Schweigert will teach you about the latest marketing and communications techniques. From search engine optimization to the conversion funnel, you'll learn how to build your initiatives to effectively target your audience. The e-learning center includes free e-books, prerecorded webinars and courses.

Coffee and Clicks


"Coffee and Clicks" is an e-newsletter by MCA. Here you'll learn all about marketing trends and insights, while also getting the scoop about what's going on with MCA. This is a light-hearted, monthly e-newsletter that is meant to educate and introduce you to Ashley Schweigert.

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