Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Online marketing can cover an array of categories, such as social media, marketing automation, search engine marketing and inbound. For small businesses, choosing the right form of digital marketing can be challenging. MCA will help you to choose the right digital solution to meet your needs. Facebook advertising is known to cost less than Google Adwords, but it may not be where your audience is searching for your products or services. If you have the money to invest in engagement and direct selling, then MCA suggests going after both types of users.

When evaluating the budget of a small business, MCA will look to see where you can get the quickest gain while still considering that long-term strategy. For example, search engine optimization is considered a long-term strategy because it can take an average of six months before seeing a return. So, if you have a short-term goal to make, Google Adwords and custom landing pages may be a better solution.


Online marketing makes it easy to track how successful your website is to your target audience, especially for those in ecommerce. MCA has experience working with all types of websites. From Wordpress to custom-made website templates, we can create you a website that will help you to drive conversions.

Social Media

Not every social site is viewed the same by Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, which is why engagement is so important. Facebook, in particular, is a pay to play channel. If your social site is not getting engagement, it is less likely that your organic posts will show up in your followers’ newsfeed. MCA has a strategy for helping you to get seen.


Email marketing that leverages marketing automation will help you to nurture your leads. While MCA recommends HubSpot, we understand that not everyone can afford this platform. MCA is familiar with other email marketing systems, such as MailChimp, which provides a free version for automating your messages.

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